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Lives Changed by FitMomLifetotheFullest...

"After working with Brittany for three months I am not only 10 lbs below my PRE-pregnancy weight but also no longer fit into a single pair of my jeans that are the size I have been wearing for the past 6 years! Every day I am feeling stronger during my workouts and am seeing new muscle lines.


I have loved weekly check-ins with her especially during these dragging winter days that keep me accountable and give me a new sense of (much needed) motivation. All of her weekly plans are personal to my life style and goals I want to achieve. There is nothing worse than admitting I missed a workout because I was too "tired" or "busy" that week. She helped me realize there are no excuses if I want results. There is ALWAYS a way to get the work in and stay on track!"


“Before training with Brittany I had struggled with weightloss and an interest in working out. I had body image issues and wasn’t sure how I could lose the weight I so desperately wanted to lose. That’s when I knew I needed a trainer- and one I know who could help me.

 I’ve known Brittany for a couple of years, and I always admired her fitness goals and lifestyle. So when the time came to turn my life around, I knew I had to go to Brittany.


And I was right! When I first talked to Brittany we were on the same page. She had so much knowledge/advice to share and it was comforting to know she was on my “side” since day 1. I knew I had someone to count on and go to and that’s what really jumpstarted my weight loss journey.

 Since training with Brittany, I’ve lost 20 lbs in just two short months! I’ve learned how to exercise more efficiently and how to get the most of my workouts—without having to be there for hours on end. However, Brittany has gotten me to get excited about going to the gym; along with wanting to challenge myself—something I would’ve never done before!


 Whenever I need Brittany she’s there for me; whether it’s training related or not! And knowing I can go to her for anything keeps me motivated; I want to make her proud because she has genuinely changed my life!”- Madeline

"I just wanted to tell you that your blog has really inspired me this pregnancy to keep up with exercise and make it a priority, and it's made SUCH a difference in how I'm feeling at 35 weeks pregnant compared to last time!"- Kristin

Bottom picture taken about 7 weeks ago, top picture taken today. AND that’s not even post-workout pump 😊 It’s been such an amazing experience working with @fitmomlifetothefullest designing workouts specifically for my goals! Seriously this girl is LEGIT.



THANK YOU Brittany for helping me reach my #gainzgoals


In the 8 weeks that I trained using your postpartum plan, I lost 14 lbs, and started wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes in record time.  But, what means even more to me, is that I feel stronger, more energetic, and less stressed/anxious.  I love the balance of these workout plans- and how you present them- they are motivating because they are 'doable' for my life, but not patronizing, celebrating nothing unless I know I've worked for it.  


Love it!

-Liz Truesdell