What My Morning Routine Looks Like

June 21, 2018

Mornings are hard.


Whether you're a self-proclaimed "morning person" or not, it still can be tough to get up and get moving.


I've always been MORE of a "morning person" than a "night person," but by no means do I wake up greeting the birds with a song and smile.


It's more like a grunt and a half-nod.

Even so, I think it is to your benefit to to wake up earlier than you have to, and to have a set morning routine.


Before Josh was born, I worked out several mornings a week before work, but on the days I didn't work out... I would wake up at the absolute last minute I possibly could and fly out the door, eating my breakfast on my lap and putting on make-up at red lights. 


Those days left me going through my days feeling disorganized and all over the place.


Now with a one-year-old factored in, I have found it even more vital to have a morning routine and to wake up to greet the day before it smacks me in the face!


But, in case you need more convincing...




1.) You get to get yourself together before you have to step into whatever role you have.

When I wake up at 4 AM,I can just be Brittany. I don't have to be "mom," or "wife," or "trainer," or whatever yet...it's just me getting prepared for the day.


2.) You guarantee whatever you value most gets done before anyone or anything can interfere with it. 

Is your workout your absolute top priority for the day? Do it first. Do you want to make sure you get quiet time alone with God to pray? Make that your first move. Do you crave time to work on a hobby like painting or woodworking? Give yourself an hour to work on it. Whatever you really want to do that you know won't get done at other times of the day...do it first!


3.) You get to start your day on the offense, not the defense. 

There is nothing worse than waking up feeling like you are just battling the day. This is going to happen the days you are woken up by a sick child or a gagging dog or something but MAJORITY of the time, if you are up and at 'em before everyone else, you take control of the day rather than just waking up to whatever is coming at you for the next 16 hours.


4.) It lines up with what our bodies naturally want to do.

You might disagree with this but I definitely think it's the most natural thing to wake up with the sun, and go to bed when the sun is down. It's probably not the best thing for your social life since it is definitely a bit counter-cultural but many other areas of your life fall in line when you do this. Do you tend to snack late at night? If you're asleep, you can't! Do you tend to stay up too late watching crappy TV? You'll benefit much more from banking more time in bed.


Most vices that we succumb to at night seem ridiculous or are not as tempting first thing in the morning. Are you going to head straight for ice cream at 5 AM? Probably not. Are you going to wake up ready to binge-watch Netflix? Not likely. Just by flipping those hours--being awake from 5 AM-7 AM rather than 10 PM- midnight has a very high likelihood that you will fill those hours with more wholesome and beneficial activities.


If I've sold you on tweaking the time that alarm clock rings out, read on for what my morning looks like!


My typical day...

4:15 AM- Wake-up, make coffee, put workout clothes on

4:30 AM- Journal, read a Scripture passage, prayer/silent time while drinking coffee (For journaling, I have a really short system that I got from a podcast- I use three pages and they can be anywhere from 3 lines to the whole page. I do a page on how I'm feeling that day, a page on what I'm grateful for, and a page on what I have to do that day)

5:00 AM- Workout (if this is a day I drive to and from the gym, I'd add on 30 minutes travel time total)

5:30 AM- Shower & change into clean gym clothes (let's be real, I don't get "ready" to most people's standards)

6:00 AM- Eat & start working until I hear Josh wake up!


Some days if I specifically want to get more work done in the morning, I skip the morning workout and dive straight into work at 5 AM or I wake up at 3:30 AM and set the whole day a bit earlier. 


Also, as a human being who fails many times, there have been a good number of mornings I've hit snooze from sheer laziness or because I got to bed later than I should have for reasons beyond my control and I valued my sleep over keeping this ritual. Life obviously happens and you get to make the executive decisions on when it is better for you to sleep in! Or, your kid makes the executive decision to have nightmares all night or throw-up in your bed...either way.


There are many different routines I've heard from various people that work for them so this is by no means the end all be all but I hope it helps give you an idea of how I approach my day and that it can help you to craft your own perfect morning!


Message me with any ideas you have to fine-tune your morning or if you want help structuring yours!


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