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Why You Should Only Take Advice From People Who Have What You Want

February 28, 2018

I have a sister who I call when I'm looking for a natural, holistic solution to a baby issue.


I have another sister who I call when I need help with anything "handy" or DIY like re-upholstering kitchen chairs.


I have yet another sister who I call when I need help with ANYTHING technological--hello Excel worksheets.


I have a mom who I call for anything organizational, and really, most other things because well, that's who you call.


But I know who to ask for the proper situation.


This is the age of "experts" and of people with nine hundred opinions about everything who say things like...



"Keto is all the rage; that sounds like a great diet."


"Working out for five minutes isn't going to do anything so you might as well not workout at all."


"Cardio is all you have to do if you want to lose weight--just run everyday."



This might be the conversation among your friends at your average girls' night and that's fine; everyone is entitled to have opinions.


But there is a difference between having an opinion and knowing that something has been proven effective.

Consider who you are taking advice from.


Do they have what you want?


I wouldn't take financial advice from a person will $500,000 in debt nor would I ask for a makeover from a woman whose own makeup looks like she walked straight out of Pretty Woman


So why would you take workout advice from the person who is out of shape?




I take parenting advice from people who I think raised kids that didn't turn out like little punks.


I take fitness and training advice from those who have trained for races/challenges I haven't done yet and they have.


I take hair advice from someone who HAS GREAT HAIR.


See the pattern?


Everyone has an opinion on everything but go to the right people for the right topics.


Stop considering trying the "wrap your tummy up in plastic wrap and go sweat" trick that your friend swears by even though she looks exactly the same a month later after gaining the water weight back.


Don't hire someone to help you achieve the postpartum body that you want if that person still looks pregnant 2 years postpartum.


Go to someone who has what you want.


Stop taking in the opinions of everyone else around you.


While I'm sure your family and friends mean well, if they aren't health/fitness professionals, they probably know about the same as you do.


Instead of trying the latest Dr. Oz "fat-burning" drink, consult someone who has done what you want to do.


If someone knows what they're talking about, the results speak for themselves whether it be the person with amazing adult children, the person with financial freedom, or the person with a fit, healthy body.


Pick the right person for the right topic!





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