Make Time for Your Health NOW, or You'll Be Forced to LATER

February 5, 2018

It looks something like this...


You have a dear friend whom you love spending time with and talking to her truly brings you so much joy, but life is busy and you haven't managed to squeeze in a coffee date or even pick up the phone to call her in longer than you can remember.


You are just too busy!



But then, tragedy strikes and your friend passes away suddenly.



I bet you'd find the time to attend her wake, funeral, or other burial ceremonies.


You'll be forced to make the time; because you just have to. 


Okay, I know! SUPER morbid example- I'm sorry! 


It will lighten up a bit from here... but this is the driving point:



This example applies to your health. 


If you don't "make time" for it now; you will be forced to later.


You might not "have time" to do back and core-strengthening exercises, but if you throw your back out moving your couch or picking up your child, you'll find yourself skipping everything you had planned to lie in bed--thus taking much more time from your busy schedule at a time you weren't prepared to be laid up. 



I could come up with thousands of examples to further drive this point: pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion serving your family's needs and then ending up in the hospital with signs of dehydration and exhaust, or many other terrible scenarios.


What is the better option?






Make the time for your health and do what you can to keep yourself strong, your heart healthy, and your arteries clear!


Begin or continue your workout regimen and nutritionally-sound eating habits so that you avoid injury and illness.


It IS important enough and worthy of your precious time.



Start right now. 


Click over to the videos tab of this website and start small.


Start with shorter workouts just a few days a week!




Time now...or time later. The choice is up to you!



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