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Think Like a Fit Person to Become a Fit Person

January 29, 2018


"I think I'll order fries" vs. "I think I'll order the side salad."


"I probably won't get my workouts in because I have company this week"



"I better get up early to get my workouts in before everyone is awake this






"It won't matter if I workout or not since it'll only be a five minute workout anyway" vs. "I better crank up the intensity since all I have is five minutes!"


Who did you resonate with?


Which perspective do you generally take?


The world consists of two types of people:



1.) Those who make excuses






2.) Those who make it happen



This is not a small concept. 



This is what, in my experience, makes or breaks a person's success with his or her health and fitness goals. 


I've been both before.


I've been the person who makes excuses and I've been the person who makes it happen.



In college, I loved to make excuses! 


"Well, the gym is closed at all times I could possible workout so I just can't workout."




"I can't wake my roommate up with the blender to make a protein shake so I have to eat sugary cereal instead."



That's what makes excuses so easy.


There are so many and we can frame them in a way that makes us feel like we are actually being the better person or less self-serving by our actions.


I could make the excuse that I can't use the blender and then pat myself on the back for it because I was being courteous of my roommate.


Now, how could I have been the person that "made it happen" instead?


In the first example, I could have worked out elsewhere since the gym was closed and gotten more clever with what workouts I could do in my room.


In the second example, I could very easily have found somewhere else to blend my shake or opt for ANY OTHER healthy breakfast!


Don't be the person who makes excuses.


Be the person that makes it happen.


No more, "Well, I can't exercise from home because I have to spend 12 hours a day playing directly with my kids."




Try, "I can definitely take twenty minutes and do my workout right next to them while I watch them safely play."


Excuses don't acquire results. They acquire a false sense of justification for your actions.



Try actually BEING  a person of action instead!


Think like a fit person- "What would someone who always gets their workout in do in this situation?" 


Or, "What would someone training for a marathon eat at this luncheon buffet?"




Try it and meeting your goals will become easier than you think!

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