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The #1 Way to Keep Seeing Results from Your Workouts

January 22, 2018


You've been working out for awhile, the workouts are definitely getting easier, you're feeling stronger and more capable, but you haven't noted any fat loss lately nor have you seen any additional muscle on your body.


What gives?


It's becoming too easy. 


It's no longer a challenge for you.


You need to make it harder in some way.


                                                                                                          Josh is upping his weights...are you?





As humans, we resist against something that is hard.



"Yes, my workouts got so much easier! I'm just going to keep doing the and not have to sweat as much or work as intensely!"



I'm the first person to want to stick with a weight that I know I can comfortably execute the exercise with, won't risk failing at, and won't have to use an excessive amount of energy to lift.



Sometimes I do say to myself, "Well, I felt good after 3 rounds...I could probably eek out another 2 but they'd be like, really, difficult."


Some days I stop at the comfortable 3 because I lack the self-control to force myself to make it uncomfortable.


If this is your mentality, then you will stay exactly where you are and you will definitely not see any more results. 



Luckily, most days I muster the will-power to say to myself, "Suck it up, cupcake, that was definitely too easy if you still feel like you could run around the block so you're doing two more rounds."


If you don't push yourself forward, you really will stay at the same point or even worse, slide backward.


So, how do you keep seeing results? How do you make it harder?


1.) Up the weight.


Use the next level heavier than what you are using. If you can't complete the number of reps you want to with that heavier weight, just get as many as you can and then drop back to the lesser weight and finish.


2.) Up the intensity.


For cardio, choose harder levels or harder workouts. For strength-training, take less rest time or format your workout so that it is physically harder, (single leg exercises, more volume per muscle group, etc.)


3.) Increase duration.


If you can run comfortably for ten minutes, run for another ten. If you can easily complete 3 rounds of a HIIT circuit, complete 4 or 5. 



If you need new exercises to try or want to find something already leveled for you (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) click over to the videos section and subscribe for access to over 85 videos with two new ones added each week!


If you'd like to receive a program specifically planned for you and pushing you to the next step, shoot me a message and we can talk!






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