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Three Ways to Beat the Winter Blues (and Stop Feeling Crummy)!

January 16, 2018


If you've read a few posts by me before, you know I'm pretty, "Yeah, yeah, EXCUSES...now go workout!"




But guess what--sometimes, you don't feel like it.


Sometimes, you don't feel like doing anything and lose motivation for everything.


Sometimes, you just want to crawl into bed with a movie and  a sleeve of Oreos instead of pressing play and exercising.


Does this mean you are an utterly lazy sloth who just has no zest for life?


Well, maybe.




Or maybe that winter funk has a strong hold on you and you need to find some ways to shake it.


So when that happens, it might not be enough to say, "Just go workout!" 


You might get tired of using ALL your will-power to force yourself to feel like it's worth it to get up off the couch.


Sometimes, you need a little more than a pep talk. 


My least favorite season is winter.


I decided I wanted to start doing winter sports to make me fall in love with it but it just resulted in an expensive ski trip that resulted in a bruised tailbone and a declaration that, "I will never ski again!"


So yeah, I'm not really a fan.


But I have identified that certain factors of this time of year make me feel a temporary dip in enthusiasm so I'm prepared for it.


I can now recognize WHY I am feeling this way and then take actions to combat it.


This year it hit me around the beginning of December when days started getting shorter and sunlight started lessening. 


I felt blasé, unmotivated, and like I just didn't care about anything or TO DO anything.


If this sounds like something you commiserate with...read on for action steps I take to beat these winter blues!


My Tips for Beating the Blues:


1.) Take Vitamin D


I am not a doctor, so of course check with your medical practitioner before taking, but TONS of research suggests supplementing Vitamin D either through pills or through nutrition can naturally enhance your mood and help you feel more energetic. I start taking it every Nov-March and I notice a difference when I don't. My husband notices it as well :)


2.) Find an Accountability Buddy


This could be meeting a friend for your workouts or it could be having a trainer to check in with. During this time of year and especially when we feel crummy, our knee-jerk reaction can be to withdraw and isolate ourselves. Fight that instinct! Instead, reach out and ask a friend if she wants to meet you for a morning spin class or let that weekly email from your coach motivate you to get moving this week.


3.) Know Your Why


Why are you exercising? Why do you value a healthy lifestyle? Post it somewhere you will see it. Maybe it's a picture of the beach because you're going on a beach vacation in a few months and want to feel comfortable in your skin. Maybe it's a picture of a smiling newborn because you're pregnant and want to have a healthy delivery. Maybe it's a picture of an older couple because you want to be healthy and fit into your 60s, 70s, 80s and still living life to the fullest.


Be pro-active and try one or all three of these tips! Don't just sit back and accept the fact that you'll be miserable until spring.


Let me know when you try them and how they work for you! Do you have any tips to add to the list? If so, add your comment!

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