If You Can't Love the Process, Love the Results

January 8, 2018

There's a fitness quote I see often that I just don't 100% agree with.



While I do understand what this quote is attempting to convey, I think it can be misguiding and even frustrating for some of us.


One way to take this quote is: if you're obsessed with losing 20 pounds, constantly stressing over the scale is not going to help you achieve results. Instead, you should focus on your nutrition and exercise program--what you are doing DAILY --and the results will come.


Yes, very true. Follow the process and the results WILL come.




What I DON'T like about this quote is that it ignores this little truth:



Not everyone falls in love with the process.



I know, crazy right? Who doesn't count the minutes until they can do push-ups and planks?!


No but seriously.


While I view my workouts as one of the high points of my day that I'm a bit salty to miss, I do know some people who exercise regularly while simultaneously proclaiming their hatred for exercise.


How does this work?


If they didn't fall in love with the process, what makes them continue?




The results.


They like what the process accomplishes.


These individuals know that completing their morning cardio keeps them at a healthy body fat percentage and gives them energy to start their day.


They know that following a strength-training regimen helps prevent muscle injury, osteoporosis, and provides them the strength for everyday lifting.


Maybe they'll never love it.


Maybe they'll always count the minutes until it's over.


But the results that they see and feel from their hard work are what drive them to continue.


Don't be discouraged if you don't become the person who loves exercise. There are plenty of things we have to do everyday that we don't particularly "like" to do.


Unfortunately, they still need to be done.


Doing the dishes gets you a nice, clean sink and doing planks gets you a strong core--just push through it and enjoy the results!











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