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Why I Won't Pat You on the Back for Doing Calf Raises While Brushing Your Teeth

December 13, 2017

You've probably seen or heard trainers post about how doing calf raises while brushing your teeth or arm circles while cooking dinner is a great way for stay-at-home moms to "get it done" during their day.





You're just not going to get that here.




Here is the cold, hard truth: There IS such a thing as a bad workout. 


A workout could be bad for a variety of factors: the exercises themselves are ineffective ones, you were having an "off" day due to sickness, stress, etc., or the workout was just too easy for you--just to name a few. 


I'm going to focus on that last one, "The workout was just too easy for you."


The problem with these workouts, the ones you can cruise through with minimal effort and still look red-carpet ready after, is that completing them gives you the satisfaction of crossing "workout today" off of your list while failing to drive you closer to your fitness goals.


You might even justify certain actions because "you worked out today." But you really didn't. You really burned like fifty calories more than you would have if your body was just at rest doing what it always does. 


Of course, we are not all at the same fitness or experience level. One woman's "easy" workout is another woman's "difficult" workout. That should go without saying.


We all know when something is easy for us or when something is difficult for us. Our natural tendency is to lean toward the easy, the comfortable--maybe the one we're "good at."


That's not going to get you results.



I will never hold your hand and tell you "Good job!" for doing 15 calf raises while you brush your teeth. I'm going to say, "Really? That was all you could do? If all you had time for that day was 2 minutes before bed then you should have set your timer for 2 minutes of burpees or 2 minutes of planking." 


"But Brittany, I can't even plank for 20 seconds!" 


Right, that's fine. I didn't say for two minutes absolutely continuously and if you can't do that then you might as well not do anything. Plank for 15 seconds, take a breather, then repeat until the two minutes is up and you've planked for as long as you possible could have during that time. 


I hate excuses. Excuses don't get results. 


Does that sound incredibly harsh to you? Well, then, I'm probably not the trainer for you. 



WHICH IS WHY, it's very important to choose a trainer you resonate with and who suits your personality.


This past week while greeting members who were coming into the gym for the next class- not taught by me- I introduced myself to the women entering. The first woman states, "Oh you're Brittany? I heard you're like a drill sergeant." The other woman with her then says, "OH yeah, I heard someone leaving your class call you 'Little Satan.'"


Okay, while-as a good Catholic lady-I didn't LOVE the name of the devil being used in reference to me, I did take their comments as a compliment rather than an insult.


Guess what, the woman who had referred to me as, "Little Satan," is a regular. She comes to my classes multiple times a week and has been for years. Why does she keep coming back? Because she gets results from the workouts I put her through.


Side-note, she is also someone who I am very friendly with and who has given me a gift for the birth of my son, etc. 


The point is, I'd MUCH rather have my clients or members in my class calling me names under their breath while pushing to their absolute max rather than have them making to-do lists in their heads and coasting through class because it's EASY.


So if you're looking for the trainer that's going to applaud you for marching in place while pumping gas and say things like, "Way to get it done, any way that you can- mamas," you're going to have to scroll through to your next Peppy Polly trainer.


However, if you want someone who is going to be real with you and make your time WORTH it- even if it's five minutes- then we'd be a good fit for each other. 


Sneaking in bouts of moderate exercises during your day is never inherently a BAD idea, but you can't equate it with doing all-out, exhaustive workouts.





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