Why Your Latest Fitness Gimmick Won't Make You Fit

December 5, 2017





There are TONS of products out there that all promise us something...


"Shrink your waist just by wearing this!"


"Drink this tea and watch the fat melt away!"


"Hold on to this weight and turn that arm flab into muscle!"



Why do we purchase these products? Why do we put our faith and money into them?


First of all, it's because they promise to solve a problem that we have.


Those behind the marketing know what they are doing and play right into our obstacles and insecurities. 


They know the typical person in the general population who is trying to lose weight is probably short on time, not willing to put in too much work, and eager to throw money at something to solve the problem.


If you are self-conscious about your midsection and a new gizmo comes out that ensures it will make yours nice and flat, the OBVIOUS choice is to buy it!


The same goes for many other products that off "quick fixes" and "easy solutions."


They promise to make our life better so we splurge. When they don't give us the results we were hoping for, we splurge on the next one.



The reality is that an item is not going to get you results.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-workout equipment. Obviously I utilize equipment and instruct my clients to do the same. But there is a difference between holding a weight and expecting it to "do the work for you" and using tried-and-true, scientifically backed equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and bands and ACTUALLY PUTTING IN THE WORK.


If you desire and expect change, you need to put in the work. Period.


It doesn't have to be awful, it doesn't have to be intense, but changing your lifestyle DOES require you to be consistent, dedicated, and ready to get your hands dirty.


Resist the urge to try the newest product thrown at you with the new year marketing going strong, and instead invest in what will actually help you work for and attain results.


Hire a trainer to keep you accountable and program for you, buy a monthly pass to a spin studio, subscribe to my video channel, or purchase some standard equipment that you can use at home.


But whatever option you choose, please keep the skinny tea off your Christmas list!




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