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How Your Personality Type Affects Your Fitness & Nutrition

November 27, 2017

Are you the kind of person who can't eat one cookie without eating ten, but your friend can have the same package of cookies in her house for a month? 




Do you like to post all your workouts or step counts on social media, but your husband just goes to the gym every weekday without talking about it to anyone?


How people work has always been fascinating to me. 




My pleasure reading includes books like Kevin Leman's The Birth Order Book,  Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages,  or Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies. 



What's the correlation here? Why am I intrigued by figuring out how people work or why they do what they do?


I think it matters for many areas in life, but I especially think that knowing your personality is crucial to your success in fitness and nutrition. 


Once you know how you work--what you respond best to, what motivates you or what aggravates you--you will be better equipped to set yourself up for success.


There are many ways to assess this--countless online quizzes--such as Myers Briggs assessments, Big Five, etc. that all give you slightly different information. 


Whichever tool you select, it can provide you with information about your strengths, weaknesses, how you deal with competition, etc.


Use this for your choices in fitness and nutrition!


For example...


If you are someone who needs outside accountability, you might benefit from checking in with a trainer weekly, or participating in an online community where you post fitness check-ins.


If you are someone who has an all-or-nothing personality and you know if you have ice cream in the house, you will 100% eat the whole thing, stop berating yourself for not being able to exercise self-discipline and just DON'T BUY ICE CREAM!


If you know you are someone who rebels when "not allowed" to have something, thus leading to a binge, don't make anything off-limits but instead enjoy treats in moderation.


If you are someone who feels obligated to keep commitments once they are made, find a gym buddy and plan to attend a 6am class together so that you actually wake up for it.


Take some time to identify your personality type and the tendencies that result from it.


Don't fight against your natural tendencies but instead shape your workout/nutrition plan around the lifestyle you are naturally programmed to thrive in!





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