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Why I'll Never Tell You Exactly What to Eat

November 15, 2017


You're on a 30 day very restrictive, limited diet but you have a family party this weekend...what do you eat?


You're on a 7 day juice cleanse but you are going out with your girlfriends for your monthly Ladies' Night...what do you eat?


You're on a 14 day clean eating challenge but your husband surprises you by taking you out to dinner...what do you eat?




Every single client I have worked with has been different.


One may hate mushrooms, one may love brussel sprouts; one may enjoy the convenience of prepping one meal for lunches the whole week whereas one may prefer a different lunch everyday; one may workout in the morning and be ravenous after, one may sleep in and be up later at night; one may hate protein shakes while one may look forward to them as a dessert-like treat!


Everyone is different. Everyone has a variety of needs. 


Why will I never personally tell you exactly what to eat? Because EVEN if I personalize the meal plan to your preferences, schedule, workouts, etc., you are never going to be successful long-term.



Why not?


Because unless you want me to tell you exactly what to eat every meal, every day for the next fifty or so years of your life and you can actually follow it with no deviation, you won't maintain your progress and sustain a healthy lifestyle.


What happens when the 30 days end or your 6 week meal plan runs out?


What happens when you are at a restaurant or party and are at a loss for what to eat?


What you actually need is to be taught HOW to figure this out yourself.



What I WILL do is teach you how to figure out, adjust, and track your macronutrients: carbs, fats, and protein.


I will give you basic guidelines of what food is best for you and what to avoid. I won't tell you to "never" eat something.


I will try to break the commonly held misconceptions such as only eating at certain times or having to eat at exact intervals. 


I will show you how undereating is killing your metabolism and not resulting in the fat loss you're after.


I give the tools and the guidance.


I won't spoon-feed you and I won't tell you exactly what to put on your spoon either!



Shoot me a message here, on facebook, instagram, or fitmomlifetothefullest@gmail.com if you'd like to start learning how to eat nutritiously and flexibly!


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