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Why You Can't "Treat Yo Self" Every Day

October 30, 2017

"Treat Yo Self!"

This phrase has become equivalent with "YOLO" in regards to justifying WHY it's acceptable to do something that might be a bit dumb, pricey, unhealthy, etc.


For example...


"I shouldn't eat that second piece of cake but whatever, 'Treat Yo Self!'"


"I really can't afford those shoes but hey, 'Treat Yo Self!'"


"$5 is really a lot for a fattening latte but what the hell, 'Treat Yo Self!'"


It's kind of like when someone says something really rude but then ends with, "But no offense!"


Just because you're saying "YOLO" or "Treat Yo Self"- really doesn't lessen the damage of whatever the action is.


 So should you NEVER have treats?!


That would be a very sad existence; and therefore DEFINITELY not the answer!


Dictionary.com defines a treat as: (n) entertainment, food, drink, etc., given by way of compliment or as an expression of friendly regard.


Unless you are an insanely popular and are gifted daily with these expressions of friendship, you probably won't face the temptations of treats daily unless you are the one supplying them for yourself. 


A treat should be something special; a "once in a while" item.


If that's how we view them, then treats are totally OK! They help us enjoy foods in moderation without going on a complete binge and won't derail all our hard work in the gym in one fell swoop.


However, when we declare every day "National Treat Yo Self Day" we will find it a lot harder to make progress on our health/fitness goals.

If you have Halloween candy around from this weekend or will have a whole plethora of it in your house come Tuesday night- whether it be from your kiddos or left-overs from handing it out, take a couple of treats for yourself and then GET RID OF IT!


Donate it, bring it into work to make other people have to deal with it, whatever- just get it out of your house because everyday will turn into a "Treat Yo Self" day when you walk by the candy stash. 


Eating a few mini-Snickers or Twix (my fav!) one night of the year won't kill you, but eating 5 of them a day for the next month won't do you any favors.


Keep your treats to "once in a while special occasion type pleasures" and enjoy them guilt-free, the way a treat should be experienced!





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