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5 Benefits to Babywearing Workouts!

October 25, 2017

Some days your baby just cannot deal with life without you holding him/her.


It happens.


On those days, it can be VERY tempting to use this as an excuse to not get your workout in.


When your husband asks how your workout went, the response might look like this,


"Well, I was actually REALLY excited about my workout today and I've been doing so well at staying consistent but Johnny just HAD to be held at every moment today and screamed every time I put him down so really there was nothing I could do."


 I get it, babies and kids can derail even the best thought-out plans. 


BUT, it doesn't mean you have to let it derail your progress. 


Instead, get creative!


It might not be the workout you had planned for the day, but throw Johnny in a wrap and do what you can with him attached to you!


You both might enjoy it so much that you keep some of them as a regular part of your routine. 


Break out that carrier and give it a whirl!




5 Benefits to Babywearing Workouts:


1.) Provides bonding time for mom and baby by him being snuggled up against you

2.) Gives baby a new viewpoint than being on the floor or in play equipment

3.) Reduces "mom guilt" of leaving your baby to workout by including him in your workout

4.) Adds balance work to your training as you compensate for the front-loaded weight

5.) Makes it possible to exercise when your little one is having a clingy day



For a 7 minute strength-training babywearing workout- head over to the videos section of my website!


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