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The Reason Your Workouts Aren't Getting Results

October 23, 2017



There is a ton of information, exercises, and videos out there that any exercise enthusiast can stumble upon and then try out.



Examples of some moves you might see on the average fitness Instagram page:



-One-legged squats on a Bosu ball while holding a kettlebell overhead

-Twisting overhead presses while holding a squat

-Bicep curls while balancing on an exercise ball with feet in the air



Why would you attempt any of those? Probably because it looked cool in the video. 



Here's the problem, many of those moves and certainly all the ones I listed--are not going to get you the results you want.


Before you try ANY exercise, you should be able to state the purpose of the exercise. 


What is this working? How will this help me reach my goals of becoming stronger and leaner?



When I was new to fitness, I sometimes WAS that person trying one-legged weighted exercise on an upside Bosu and thought I was getting stronger by this.


I didn't see any change in my body and I wasn't getting stronger.


It didn't occur to me that in order to lift more weight, I should put my feet on the unmoving floor and then my body would be grounded and able to support what I was doing.

Yes, sometimes it is fun to try out a crazy exercise just because it looks extremely hard and you'll feel pretty darn athletic if you can do it!


But then know that therein lies your "why." "Why am I doing this exercise?"


"Well, because I'll feel cool if I can do it and it looks hard."



I like to try out exercises like that about 2% of the time. Granted, if the exercise is actually SAFE and I'm not going to split my head open trying it. 


However, 98% of the exercises I regularly complete are tried-and-true, effective, movements that might seem "boring" but will actually help me build strength, meet my goals, etc.


You should KNOW why you're doing something. You should be able to state, "Yes, a step-back lunge will help strengthen my quads, glutes, and hamstrings and thus build the lean muscle I'm looking for!"


Before you try anything, ask yourself, "What is the purpose of this exercise?"


As always, make sure the exercises you are attempting are safe and meaningful. 


Don't waste your time; results will come when you are following an effective training regimen!


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