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Don't GIVE Up Treats- LIGHTEN Them Up!

October 18, 2017

"People who love to eat are always the best people." -Julia Child



Amen to that, sister. To that I would add, "People who love to eat TREATS are always the best people."


So for the average gal who wants to be fit and healthy while living a BALANCED lifestyle, I believe that some treats must be allowed!


What I love to do is take my favorite not-so-healthy snack or dessert, and find a way to make it "healthy-ish."


The "ish" is there because at the end of the day, a cookie is still a cookie- even if it's totally paleo, gluten-free, and has no added sugar.


It will always be healthier to eat a stalk of celery instead of a paleo pumpkin coffee cake, but who really wants to blow out the candles sticking out from a bunch of produce? 


 With the cooler temps, it just feels like baking season to me and my husband doesn't seem to mind!


I try to make a big batch, as long as I'm messing up the kitchen I might as well go big, and stick some in the freezer but Ben actually pulled them out a day or two later after he'd eaten through the initial batch.


Good thing he has a physical job to burn them off!




If you'd like the recipe to these delicious and "healthy-ish" chocolate chip cookies made with no wheat and *mostly* natural ingredients, click on over to my "about me" page to send me your email  and I'll send it right along!



Happy baking season :)






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