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Give It a Lift- 3 Simple Chest Supersets

October 11, 2017

One area I've noticed most women shy away from training are the pectoral muscles.


I guess it doesn't sound as enticing as working your glutes or abs BUT who doesn't want a nice firm-up around the bra area?



The pecs are the major muscle group that assists us in any "pushing" motion so whether you're trying to slide a dresser to the other side of the room or even increase your muscular endurance in being able to push your kids around in a box, laundry basket, whatever for a longer amount of time--you don't want to neglect the pecs.


Below is yesterday's chest workout. I superset strength moves with a cardio move that still utilized the chest because I wanted to build strength while getting a sweat on and pushing myself. 


I did each move back-to-back (the definition of a superset), rested 30 seconds, and repeated that cycle twice. Then, move on to the next two exercises.




Chest Superset Workout:


1.) DB Chest Press (12 reps) superset with

2.) Burpees (15)


3.) DB Chest Fly (12 reps) superset with

4.) Crawl-outs


5.) DB Floor Press (15 reps) superset with

6.) Glider Pushups



Enjoy! If you're not sure what these moves are and want to try it out- head over to the videos section of my website :)

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