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Why You Are Wasting Your Time Working Out

October 9, 2017


You know those people who are "dabblers"? They start one hobby and then a week or two and possibly a hundred dollars later, they are done?


I used to be like this as a kid. Every movie I watched provided me a sudden epiphany for my life's goals.



Freaky Friday- wanted to take up electric guitar.

Blue Crush- decided I should be a surfer.

Crimes of Fashion- (some weird ABC Family original) determined to be a fashion designer.




So instead of consulting someone who knew what they were doing, I'd try to take on these new tasks myself. 





Luckily many of the necessary items for these "hobbies" were borrowed- like guitars- so I didn't do too much damage except for the couple of weeks I forced myself to wear my "home-made skirt" around to convince everyone it WAS actually in fact how I wanted it to look and not the result of my mistakes.


If I had been serious enough about one of these ideas, I should have consulted a professional.


If you feel this way with exercise and nutrition, why not consult a professional?


You are not automatically "supposed" to know everything.


There seems to be a stigma around getting help with certain areas of our lives like we should just be born knowing how to do it.


For example, I would definitely attempt to Google or Youtube some information on how to stop a toilet from running constantly, or how to unclog a drain, but it doesn't mean I would attempt to redo my entire plumbing system trusting myself and the Internet.


I'd call a professional.


In the same way, trying out a few workouts you find or getting inspiration is an excellent idea- there is a ton out there for fitness and nutrition! But if you aren't succeeding on your own or are clueless what to even do with the information you get...


"Do I start with weights, do I start with cardio, how many sets of things should I do, why aren't I seeing results, etc."


Get help from someone who knows. 

Two huge benefits a fitness professional can provide are: knowledge and accountability.




You aren't supposed to "automatically" know your way around a weight room or what the heck to do with that band you picked up at TJMaxx because it was cheap and you thought someday you might work out at home. 


Your trainer will.


Trainers (if they are good ones of course!) have put time and money into learning the art of working out and what works best for people in different situations and with various impairments. 


Stop wasting your time doing workouts because it's all you know. 


I have met and trained many people who go for long runs just because it's the only cardio they know to do. They don't enjoy it, they often just run at the same boring pace or same route, and they dread getting it "over" with.


A trainer would be able to give you MUCH more exciting and effective cardio workouts- some running and some not- that will also burn calories and might even be a more effective way to train for your goals. (Hint: running the same distance at the same pace for a long period of time is not going to help you lose belly weight!)




Why weren't you successful before? Why haven't you started working out like you wanted to or if you have, why haven't you met the goals you set for yourself?


Sometimes we need someone to keep us accountable and to check in with us to see if we're doing what we said we would.


If I would have had an instructor when I tried to learn guitar multiple times, I would have practiced so I wasn't embarrassed at a weekly lesson.


If you have a trainer inquiring how your workouts went, you will probably be a lot more likely to make them a priority. It will get pretty embarrassing to keep saying that you "didn't have time this week."


If you are doing things in the gym or at home just because you think they might be a good exercise or you know it worked for someone else, you might be wasting your time.


If you spend half the time you allotted to working out just figuring out what to do instead of already having a plan and getting right to it, you are definitely wasting your time.


Think about the other areas of your life in which you would invest in a professional be it a hairdresser, an electrician, etc. and decide if your fitness is an aspect of your life that could be improved with the help of a qualified trainer.




As always, let me know if you have any questions, and if you are interested in training with me, head on over to the "Train with me" page on this site to send me a message. I'd love to hear your fitness goals and help you on your health and wellness journey to live the fullest life possible!












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