#1 Piece of Prenatal Workout Advice

October 4, 2017

From the time you announce your pregnancy to the day you give birth, you are going to hear TONS of pregnancy and baby advice!


The baby advice continues, of course, wellllll after you have delivered your little bundle of joy.


I know some moms-to-be get tired of this but I personally enjoyed it.


It helped me get excited for this new world that was beginning for my husband and I as parents and I think there is something to be said for taking in information from those who have been there and are therefore wiser in that category than you are.


Also, it was better to receive than comments such as, "You're STILL pregnant? I feel like you've been pregnant, forever!" Or, "Well, you guys didn't waste any time!" There is no graceful way to answer either statement. Well, actually, maybe there is but I definitely opted for a sarcastic comeback instead.



While I did TAKE IN the counsel I was given, I definitely did not ACT on all of it.


I would listen but then discern what was best for me and my situation.



That being said, the best advice I received along the lines of working out during pregnancy was, "Listen to your body."


I would now additionally include, "Listen to your body, and don't be stupid."




*DISCLAIMER*- I am not a doctor, but I DID heed all the advice given to me by my doctor during my pregnancy (thankfully she was very pro-prenatal workouts). I would suggest following the advice of your medical provider, especially in unique circumstances.


My doctor informed me that many "warnings" given to pregnant women about exercising were outdated and that since I had previously been working out, I should mostly just listen to my body.


Of course modifications were made for my growing belly (no lying flat on my back past a certain point, no lying on my stomach, etc.) but for my entire pregnancy I just followed the mantra- "Listen to your body."


Some days, my back was already too strained from carrying the extra load in the front so instead of doing back squats while teaching BodyPump, I'd hold a plate at my chin or I'd do bodyweight squats. 


Some days I felt like superwoman and did all my back squats at my normal weight.


Some days I struggled to get through incline push-ups but then two days later cranked out twenty on my toes no problem.


Do what you can. Don't use pregnancy as an excuse, but also don't overdo it.



My "don't be stupid" line was added because although your body MIGHT feel absolutely great and capable of anything, there are just certain things you really shouldn't do.


For example, I saw a video of a woman who was 33 weeks pregnant doing 24" box jumps. Apparently this was supposed to be inspiring and prove that pregnant women can do everything.


I felt absolutely sick to my stomach watching this woman jump on and off a two foot box knowing that just one stutter step or bad landing could mean a very tragic end to the workout for her unborn baby and the woman herself. 


Don't be stupid.


No matter where you are in your pregnancy, you can absolutely continue living an active lifestyle (again, with the exception of special circumstances where bed rest is mandated).


Listen to your doctors, listen to your body, and don't be stupid!



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