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Why I Will Never Stop Enjoying Tacos and Tequila

October 2, 2017

I like feeling energetic throughout my busy day and not feeling like I need an energy drink to get me through. 


I like feeling confident in my clothes and not having to strategically place my arm or a pillow in front of rolls of flab while sitting on a friend's couch.


I like feeling strong enough to be able to carry heavy items like tables or Rubbermaids full of storage items without having to ask for help and without injuring myself. 


I like feeling like my caloric intake truly HELPS me through my day by keeping fueled rather than bloated and groggy.



And yet...with all that being said...I REALLY like enjoying some delicious tacos and margaritas every now and again.



My husband and I have a shared love for Mexican food and 90% of our dates before we were engaged or married consisted of Chipotle dinners.


So why would I, an advocate for health and fitness--of exercising regularly and eating nutritiously--tell you it's OK to indulge in tacos and tequila?

Because I don't do it everyday.


Everything truly comes down to balance.


I try to follow the 80/20 rule as best I can: I eat 80% very clean and 20% not so much.


There are some who advocate an all or nothing type of approach, and I do think a very strict approach works best for some personality types. If you can't handle eating a cookie without eating 25, then yes, giving up cookies altogether might be the best way to go for you. 


However, if you don't want to completely cut any food groups out of your life, finding a BALANCE is the way to go.


Since I'm not a professional athlete or getting paid to maintain an exact body fat percentage, I'm going to go in on some guac every now and again, and wash it down with a frosty marg.


I won't even feel bad about it at all if I really stuck to my clean eating the other 80% of the time.


Balance and moderation are essential to planning how to nourish your body. 


So while I maintain a healthy body weight and body fat percentage by my salads and smoothies, I will not be trading in a quality date night with my husband and José (Cuervo) for a perfectly sculpted 8-pack and 8% body fat.



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