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Fitness Is Not the Most Important Thing

September 25, 2017

I think that fitness is important.


I hold being physically strong and "in good shape" as a value for many reasons: 


1.) in order to be able to walk up flights of stairs without wheezing 

2.) so that I can be an active participant and not just supervise my kids playing

3.) in order to be able to do things I/my family wants to do and not be held back by my inability to keep up


The list could go on for days.


There are MANY reasons I think it is of great value to a person to be physically fit.


But I don't think it's the most important thing.


Actually, not even "I don't think" but it's REALLY REALLY not the most important thing.



Why not?


Because our bodies don't last forever. 


Yes, we have them for awhile, which is why I believe we should take the best care of them we can so that while we are on earth, we can function to the best of our ability.


But even the most well-cared for body will still end up a corpse one day.



My focus is on keeping myself healthy and strong so that the years that I DO have this body are lived with full mobility and energy. 



But in all reality, I will be on my deathbed sooner or later (hopefully later!) and my thoughts will not be, "Wow, I wish I did more squats in my lifetime."



Therefore, exercise will never be my most important "thing."


I will not pass on a picnic (as pictured above) with my family because I didn't get my workout in that day. 


I will not skip Mass with my family on Sunday because I want to teach a spin class at that time.


I will not skip a friend's birthday celebration because I want to spend two hours at the gym building nice shoulders.




There are certain non-negotiables I have that will trump everything else.


My most important values, instilled by my parents but actively chosen by me as an adult, are: God, family, everything else. 


So even though I post about the importance of exercise and largely share a "no excuses" mentality, it doesn't mean that I hold working out as the ultimate good in life and I really hope you don't either.





The years pass quickly and I don't want to have spent them all on a treadmill. 


It's about working exercise into your life in a way that adds value by the benefits you receive from it. 




Because it IS possible to live a healthy lifestyle while keeping your priorities in order. 



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