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How to Get an Instant Mood Boost

September 11, 2017


Usually things that are cheap, quick, and easy aren't good for you...but in this case, cheap, quick, and easy are GREAT for you!


Stuck in a bad mood?


Feel "in a funk"?


Exhausted by your daily activities?



The cheap, quick, and easy fix is to get moving.


We so underestimate the power of a good sweat and the uplifting factor that a workout provides. 


The rush of endorphins that we receive during and after a good workout help us to look at our lives less negatively and help us to feel more energized throughout the day.


It doesn't matter how long you workout for- whether you go for an hour-long run or do ten minutes of bodyweight moves at home-your body will still go through positive changes during whatever time you allot to exercise.



The problem is, when we are in the middle of a pity party, exercise is usually the LAST thing on our minds.


Instead, the tempting thing to do when we feel crappy is to curl up on the couch, maybe with a fourth cup of coffee of the day, and take some time to "veg out." 



But typically, when that "chill" time ends, our reaction is not, "Wow, NOW I feel refreshed and ready to conquer the rest of my day!" 



Instead, we roll off the couch and begrudgingly make it through the rest of our day feeling more tired and counting the hours until we can crawl into our beds for the night.


Even the nights I know I am only going to get 5 hours of sleep, 99% of the time I make the decision to wake up fifteen minutes earlier than I NEED to in order to get a quick workout in.


While it's tempting to sneak in every last morsel of rest that I'd be able to, I know that I personally will have a much better, happier attitude for the start of my day if I get a speedy sweat in than if I'd have slept fifteen minutes longer. 



Or just last week I was feeling like I had hit a wall in my day and needed a nap or coffee right around 3pm. I weighed my options and then it occurred to me to try going for a quick run. 


I didn't have a ton of time to dedicate to this unplanned workout so I decided to just run a mile as fast as I could around my block.


I came back with my heart pumping and my brain a little less foggy. I felt 100 times better than I did before I made myself get out the door!


And sometimes that's exactly what it takes. We have to MAKE ourselves. 




So next time you're feeling cranky or fatigued, try turning to exercise for that natural mood boost instead of reaching for a sugary snack or sinking into your couch!




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