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Three No-Equipment Moves To Try Today

August 23, 2017



Should I order a shake weight to tone my arms while I watch TV? Should I attach ankle weights to my legs while I walk around the house? Should I do calf raises while I brush my teeth? 




Exercise can be confusing, and there are a ton of people out there who muck it up even more by throwing their products at you.



It's hard to know what the best exercises are and what you SHOULD be doing if you only have time for a few.




Here's the deal: what exactly you should be doing is a very loaded question. The answer entirely depends on what your goals are.  To get a perfect answer to that question, you need to have a program designed for you that is perfectly tailored to your specifications of: losing weight, gaining muscle, building strength, increasing endurance, or whatever your goals may be.



HOWEVER, if you are brand spankin' new to this workout thing and you just want to know what three strength-training moves you can do with absolutely no equipment, in your own living room, that are going to increase your current fitness level, I've got them for you today :) 












Squats are great for working the large muscle groups in your lower body, particularly your quads and glutes. 


How to do one:

-Start with feet just outside the hips, standing up tall with your abs braced

-Push your hips back like you are tapping a chair while simultaneously bending your knees

-Stop when your butt hits *approximately* knee level (as pictured)

-Push through your heels and come back to starting position.


What to avoid:

-Dropping your chest to your thighs as you squat

-Pushing your knees way out over your toes








Planks are wonderful for the entire core--from your abs to your shoulders! Don't waste your time doing crunches and instead, work on increasing your plank time and then incorporating in variations such as lifting one leg, arm, etc. 


How to do one:

-Start on your hands and knees in all fours position

-Place your elbows directly under your shoulders

-Come up to your toes, keeping feet hip-width apart

-Actively brace your core, thinking of pulling your belly button up to your spine and tightening your quads to help straighten out your knees.

-Hold for as long as possible, rest, repeat


What to avoid:

-Dropping your hips too low, or pushing your butt up in the air

-Severe rounding of the upper back








Don't be afraid of it. You can modify anything. Start on your knees and work your way up to your toes if necessary. Push-ups are great for your upper body as well as your core. 


How to do one:

-Start in a full plank position, keeping the body in a nice straight line

-Slowly lower body toward the ground in a controlled manner, stop when chest hits or is right about the ground

-Push through your hands to come back up to the start


What to avoid:

-Only going half-way down or going too quickly

-Ducking only your head and not bending your elbows to fully lower your entire body





Try all three together in a circuit for a full, simple workout or use them when you can throughout your day. Think about what is best for you and your schedule and what makes logical sense.


Maybe you can commit to three rounds of ten push-ups in the morning to get yourself going, three rounds of ten squats while you make dinner, and three rounds of static planks before bed. 


No equipment? No excuses! Enjoy :)



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