Work With What You Have

August 21, 2017


Sure, in a perfect world, every mom or mom-to-be would have at her disposal: a live-in chef, a personal trainer, a full in-house gym, or the ability to at least get to one daily.


Sound like a dream? 


Sure does! Because it probably is. The reality is most of us regular Jane's can't afford all of, if ANY of, the above! 


Does that mean we use an apparent lack of resources as an excuse to say, "Screw it, if I can't do it like THAT, I'm just going to sit on my duff and eat Ho-Ho's!"?


Of course not.


Instead, we should follow the words of Theodore Roosevelt...


"Do what you can,

With what you have,

Where you are."






Have access to dumbbells in all increments plus barbells plus kettlebells? Great! You can follow an awesome program with those tools! Have one set of ten or fifteen pound dumbbells and a bit of living room carpet open? Great! You also can follow an awesome program with those tools!












In the picture on the left, I did goblet squats with a 50 lb dumbbell because it worked, I had access to it, I had a short amount of time, and I utilized it. 

On the right, I did goblet squats with a 16+ lb baby because he wanted to play, I had access to him, and I had time to do more reps, so I utilized those factors!



Moral of the story, even if your training conditions are not perfect, it doesn't mean that you cannot get the results you want and reach the goals you have for yourself. Make it work! 



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