A Key Factor in Why Your Workout Plan Isn't Working

August 16, 2017

"I've been working out for two weeks and I haven't seen ANY results!"


"All I have eaten is salad for three days and I don't feel any skinnier."






These are real life phrases I have heard from past clients who were frustrated by a lack of results. The usual culprit of a workout or nutrition plan seemingly failing you?


Lack of consistency.


That's right. We live in a world of instant gratification, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. While I fully appreciate the "order online" option for Chipotle to skip the line or take advantage of ordering diapers off Amazon Prime, we cannot expect fitness and nutrition to be instantaneous.


Here's the typical cycle a person follows: 


1.) Decides to start eating healthy,

2.) Eats healthy for a couple of days,

3.) Weighs self and determines it is not working,

4.) Goes back to eating crap.




Sound familiar? 


Since we typically don't see results within days and sometimes even weeks, we either quit altogether or we start slacking off. We become less consistent. What we need is longevity in our consistency, not an over-the-top "I'm going to do three workouts today" gusto that lasts for two days.


I can promise you that no workout or nutrition plan, however well-crafted, is going to work if you decide to do it one day then slack off and half-ass it the next. 


Consistency is key in so many areas of our life: disciplining our children, keeping our body in shape, etc. This is not breaking news. But if we know consistency is necessary to see a change in our bodies, what gets in the way of us actually BEING consistent?


Lack of discipline.



So next time you want to give up because plan X isn't working or plan Y just isn't getting you results, take a moment to assess whether or not you've truly been following this plan. Before ditching it completely, be honest with yourself and determine if it is really the plan or your own lack of discipline in FOLLOWING the plan consistently. 


Great things take time. You are more than capable of achieving great goals, but you need to realize you cannot achieve them after one day of work. You cannot hold a plank for two minutes and expect to have a six pack. 


Be consistent, stick with the plan, and the results will come--with TIME.






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