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Perfecting the Pull-Up (or Chin-Up)

August 11, 2017


Ahhh pull-ups...



Whether you love them or hate them, can do them or not, you have to admit they look pretty stinkin' cool. Also, to clarify, I'm doing chin-ups in the video as I have a finicky shoulder that likes to pop out of its socket and for me, using this grip instead protects my rotator cuff.


So, here's the deal, should everyone have to be able to do a pull-up or chin-up? Definitely not.


Since I'm all about training for everyday life and for utilizing moves that have a purpose and keep you healthy, injury-free, etc., I can say that there are very rarely instances in my daily life where I need to pull my own body weight straight up in the air. 





BUT, since 1.) they make you look like a badass, and 2.) if I am ever in the event of hanging for dear life from the balcony of some 38 story building, I made it a personal goal to be able to do them.





That being said...can I just whip out 20 straight pull-ups like some kind of ninja superwoman? Hell no. I can do about as many as you see in this video in a row, then I walk around and re-psych myself up to do them again. I repeat this until the time I go up to the bar and whilst pulling with all of my might, not even the top of my messy bun moves one iota toward the bar. 


However, I AM able to do them. It was one of my yearly goals for 2016 to be able to do 3 in a row and I did in fact meet that goal. But I didn't just wake up one day able to pull my child-bearing hips off the ground so here's how I did it...


Brittany's path to pull-ups:


1.) Using assisted pull-up machine at the gym

2.) Performing inverted rows with a Smith machine, TRX, or a bar at a playground

3.) Practicing banded pull-ups AND/OR doing negative pull-ups

4.) Attempting and failing at many full-body weight pull-ups (until one day I didn't fail anymore)


The idea here is to utilize something that allows you to pull up your partial body weight until you are ready to pull up all of it. Can you do it without access to a gym? Yes. Do I think it is the easiest way to get there? No. 


If you don't have gym access, you would need a pull-up bar to use at your home, as seen in the video. You would just start with 2.) inverted rows, using a any straight bar where you can angle your weight, such as at a playground before trying out banded or negative pull-ups.


If you're not sure about some of those moves, head on over to YouTube, there are tons of instructional videos on all of them. 


Remember that each step will take a bit to master. It took me about six months to get to the point of getting one unassisted chin-up. Take your time and work on each step carefully and with good form!






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