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You Do Actually Have Time

August 2, 2017





                                                               "I just don't have TIME to workout!"












I hate to be that person, but yes, you actually do.





We all have 24 hours in a day. The pope does, the president does, pro-athletes do...and so do you and I. 


Therefore, instead of saying, "I don't have time to workout," it is more accurate to say, "I choose to use my limited free time doing _________ instead of working out."



I know, it's honesty hour. But really, when you calculate the minutes we all have in every day (this took me too a few too many of them to figure out)--it's 1,440--it really seems ludicrous to state there are no spare minutes for physical fitness.


The reality is, if exercising regularly is a priority in your life, you will do it. This goes with any other activity you choose to do or not do as well. I'm betting most days you make sure you eat, shower, and probably even check in to social media at some point. 


I think that as moms we sometimes use the "I don't have time" line as a way to emphasize how much we love and sacrifice for our kids. I know that without a doubt, there are many things you sacrifice for your kids as a parent, but your physical health shouldn't be and doesn't need to be one of them. 


If we are honest with ourselves, I'm pretty sure the culprit of not having time to workout lies more in our own little time wasters than because we play Play-Doh with our children 24 hours a day. 


You might be thinking, "Well, I don't even go on social media except for five minutes at night and I don't waste any other time on TV, reading, etc., literally ALL of my day is spent being productive." 




First of all, I'd tell you that those five minutes still could be used for exercise because while doing burpees for five minutes straight is a form of self-inflicted torture, it will get your heart rate up and leave you sweaty. Beyond that, I would tell you to re-examine what else you spend time on.




For example, since daily exercise IS a top priority of mine (still behind other things- God, family, etc.), I sacrifice other areas of "my time" to get it done. As in, I will wake up 15 minutes earlier than I need to even on a night I only got a few hours of sleep because I know I will feel more awake after a workout than I would after a little more shut-eye. Or, I will attend a party with a messy bun full of dried sweat on my head because I had to choose between sneaking in a 20 minute workout or doing my hair. 


I know that last one was a fairly gross example, but hey full disclosure here. The point is, you really DO have time. 


You might spent that time sleeping those extra fifteen minutes, putting mascara on, or scrolling through Facebook. But, if it's a priority, you will get it done. So either way- use your "me" time to sneak a pint of Ben and Jerry's when the kids are finally down, or use it to do a quick circuit of push-ups and planks--it's your life, you choose your priorities.





But please, for the love of burpees, stop saying you don't have time. 







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