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Why Just Running Around With Your Kids Isn't Enough

July 31, 2017

 "I run around with my kids so much that I don't really need to workout!"



This is a phrase I hear ALL the time from busy moms who spend most of their days chasing after little people and fulfilling requests such as, "Mommy, UP!" I get it, being a mom is super tiring. Only having one child whose current state of mobility is grabbing his toes (ok, ok, he ALMOST reaches his toes), I know I am not on the level of those of you who are heading a crew of multiple kiddos. That being said, I've been around those supermoms, most often my two sisters who have nine kids between them, to know how exhausting and physical their days can be.


But, it's still not enough.


What else do you possibly need? A strength-training regimen. 


As a mom, as a woman, as a human, you need weight-lifting in your life. This is not just a personal opinion coming from a lover of the pump. It is for your benefit and for your safety that you incorporate resistance training into your workout regimen.


Why is this necessary? Throughout your day, you are picking up anything from hefty toddlers to hockey bags and if your poor muscles aren't sure how to do this safely, these daily activities will wreak havoc on your frame. You might have already experience this. A "tweaked" back or "strained" shoulder from taking in the groceries or picking up a child and lifting him into the air.


Your muscles need to be trained how to do all your daily activities properly. A marathon runner would never just hop off the couch after having taken a lengthy hiatus from training and tack a whack at running 26.2 miles. Why do we think we can load a stroller into a car or bring in all the groceries at once (I make it a personal challenge to do this...or I just really hate making multiple trips) when we have not trained our bodies how to do this safely?


Taking up strength-training, or continuing to incorporate it into your days, does not have to be an expensive or time-consuming affair. You can take it to a gym, get it done at a park, or make it happen in your own home. You can use all the fancy equipment, or you can utilize a couple of dumbbells and a resistance band. 


You (hopefully) will have this body for awhile. Help it to function at its peak potential and keep yourself injury-free!





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